Mon-Must visit place in India

Get Northeast India Travel Packages - The Mon are an indigenous group from Burmaliving in Mon state, in the Bago region, the irrawady delta and with the southern border of Thailand and Burma.  They are considered as one of the earliest peoples to reside in Southeast Asia, Mon’s were only responsible for the spread of Theravada in Indochina. The culture of Burma was also influenced by the Mons only. The Mons speaks the Mon language which is an Austroastic language.Check latest current affairs 2015

Mon is located at an average height of 2,148 feet. Its altitude is about 2,945 feet. Mon is at a distance of 357 km from kohima via dimapur and 280 from dimapur. Konyaks the home of the chiefs (Anghs) was set up at the land of Chen and Mon village. 

Nagaland Mon is famous for their headhunting tradition done years ago by the konyaks nagas. The konyaks of Mon are really very interesting tribe with a very rich heritage. The konyaks were the tattoed warriors who were known for their headhunting practice. Visit to Mon district of Nagaland is incomplete without visiting the Anghs house. The houses of anghs are the biggest in the village they are embellished with exquisite woodwork and skulls.

Mon is connected with many cities like jorhat, dimapur and kohima. Bus services are also available Dimapur and kohima to Mon. Bus services are not available from jorhat to Mon you have to first reach sonari. 

Dimapur to Mon- 294km

Sonari to naganimora to mon- 20 km+75 km

Sonari to mon- 65km

Kohima to mon- 368km

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Longwa village / - It is one of the biggest village in Mon district. It is really good sight to see. The whole village is controlled by the Angh (chief of village). Another exciting thing about this village is that the chief has 60 wives. The most interesting thing about this village is it has both schools Myanmar as well as Indian.

Naginmora- It was known as Lakhan in the past. The distance from Mon to this place is 58km.It is known as the death place of Naga queen and famous for its panoramic views.

Veda peak- It is the highest peak in the Mon district. Brahmaputra River can be clearly seen from the top of this peak besides this there is a waterfall which gives a superb view.

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